What Actually is a Chocolate Truffle?

trufflesTechnically a Chocolate Truffle is made with a ganache center coated with something. That something can be melted chocolate, chopped nuts, powdered sugar, cocoa powder or the like.

So now what is ganache?
Super simple … hot cream poured over real chocolate, stirred until smooth, flavored? maybe (usually with liquor) if you want.

That means there is not much wiggle room for what defines a genuine Chocolate Truffle.

One would not know that by looking at the candy industry however.

Molded chocolate coated fruit, caramels and cream fillings are sold as truffles all of the time.

chocolate-trufflesSo what is the consumer to do?
Bite into each candy and return those that are not really truffles? No doubt that would bring about a quick change. 😉

So the short story is:
The minimum Truffle requirement is … the truffle must be made with ganache. Anything not made with ganache cannot be considered a truffle. Fruit creams, caramels, whipped centers, cordials, nut-based pralines, or jellies do not fit into the truffle category.

That does not mean these other candies are not delicious in their own right.

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