Weck Electric Canner

Years ago (like maybe 20) I bought a Weck electric canner. It must have been near the end of my really busy canning years because it along with all of my Weck jars got stored on a cabinet shelf in the garage.

The other day on the Mittleiter Canning facebook page WE were discussing the potential of canning outside since it is getting so hot.

Many of us have the big All American Pressure Canner so there would have to be something in the way of heating it outside.

Then Deb asked me if I had an electric canner.
OH MY well yes I did … it jarred my memory to that canner stored in the garage THAT HAD NEVER BEEN USED and forgotten about long ago.

weck-canner-instructionsThat night I went scrambling into the garage to see if I could easily retrieve it. There it was sitting on a shelf covered with about an inch of dust. So I dragged it into the house cleaned it up and set it on the table to see if I could figure out what all of the parts were for.

First I went online only to find out this model has been discontinued for years. The other later Weck canners are out of stock indefinitely … whatever that means and why.

Since I am fairly good about keeping instructions I started looking. Thankfully I found a thin manual … PROBLEM it is written in German.
It did however have pictures.

Much to my surprise this canner is really versatile. It is HUGE (about 18″ tall and 14″ across) yet very light weight. It has a heat control unit on the front. There is a juicing unit that fits inside and apparently one can also pasteurize raw milk.

I can see that it will nicely accommodate my Weck jars that are anything but standard in size :)

They are indeed beautiful jars and a row of canned fruit is so pretty. You see to me canning is an art form. Nothing shows off your canned wares better than glass. Not to mention food lasts better in glass.

weck-juicer-unit weck-fruit-holder
weck-juice-holder weck-canner-juicer
weck-canner-juicer3 weck-canner-juicer2
inside-weck-canner weck-canner-inside2

4 Responses to Weck Electric Canner

  • My Weck canner looks a little different from the one in the picture. Also I don’t have the juicing component. My canner is all stainless steel including the lid. I am so happy to have it and it’s still going strong. Too bad they are not still available in the US.

  • Hi Mary,

    You have the cream of the crop canner in stainless.
    The last time I used mine here was to sterilize jars for making fermented veggies.

    I must admit it was handy and I could indeed use it outside since the temps here were well over 100 degrees.
    That being said somehow canning outside is not as attractive as it was when I was young … or maybe just stepping outside for any amount of time when the temp is over 100 is no longer my cup of tea … LOL

    I do however give my pressure canner a run for its money in the cold months. Canning enough chicken, beef and pork to keep us well stocked through the summer. Most of my cooking during the summer is in my Sun Oven … the food from that is about as good as in my 2 or 4 quart pressure cookers.

    I must admit in the dead of winter whipping up a meal in one of these small cookers in less than 10 minutes is attractive. … LOL

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