Squash Saute

squash-sauteWhat does one do with squash?

For one thing don’t overcook it into a sloppy mush.
When I was a kid they use to serve us squash for school lunch. I did not mind it but most kids hated it.

One of my favorite kinds of squash was the yellow crook neck kind. I would simply steam it a bit and add salt, butter and a little pepper.

As I grew older with my daughter and husband I had to get a little more creative.

salad-herbsSo now I take several kinds of squash (zucchini, yellow crookneck, flat pan squash), and onion … toss them into a cast iron skillet with heated olive oil and a couple pats of butter and quick saute them … leaving them semi crisp.

Use your imagination and get creative like cut in half grape tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, asparagus … whatever you like :)

A few years back I discovered one of my go to herb seasonings. It is a Litehouse product called Fresh Salad Herb Blend that I found at Winco. It is a combination of: PARSLEY, RED ONION, CHIVES, SHALLOTS, GARLIC, DILL.

This brand is found at a couple of market chains here in the area but if you can not find this blend in your area here is the Litehouse website.

I love this seasoning in cottage cheese and is a must as part of my Italian dressing for tossed green salad.

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