Solar Oven Chicken and Rice

chicken-stew-riceWhile really good tasting food is important … as I grow older ease of preparation becomes equally important.

So It seems my mission of late is making whatever we eat easy to make and clean up later even easier.

Some days I have other fun things I want to pursue and some days cooking is my fun thing to do.

For me there is always a better mouse trap and while cooking I am always searching for it :)

With my introduction to the sun oven, meals in a jar, getting back to canning meat and dehydrating fruits and veggies easier got even more easy.

I have not used my house oven now since I got this Sun Oven.

chicken-stew-rice2Today I revisit making Chicken and Rice. A dish that for years I have just made quickly on top of the stove. I can shift the ingredients quickly to serve my whim of the day but the prepare basics are the same. Chicken, seasoning, chicken broth.

Like my post with recipe in the past that can be found HERE I again used tomatoes, and olives but this time the rice went in at the last after everything was cooked.

chicken-stew-rice3What I did here was place everything into the pot raw (except the rice). Stir it up and place it in the sun oven. The oven had been preheated to about 275 degrees.

I let that cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Today it is 2 hours because it is overcast and the temp. in the oven did not ever reach 300 degrees.

When the chicken is tender I take it out and add minute rice (2 cups) which will absorb the liquid in about 5 minutes and we are ready to eat.

So far this month I estimate I have saved about $100 on our electric bill since not heating the kitchen with a oven also helps save on the air-conditioning cost.

The temps here in the valley have been consistently above 100 degrees for the past 3 weeks. So the $294 cost of this oven looks like a fairly good investment so far.

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