Replenishing the Basic Pantry Mixes

This week was the week that all of my favorite basic mixes ran out.

So today is the day I decided to replace them all at one time.

Mind you it is seldom I run out of the supplies that are needed to remake the basics … my normal procedure is to keep bulk spare on hand and when that bulk spare gets low I buy more. I keep all of these extra supplies stored in plastic containers in the pantry.

Sizes range from 1/2 cup to gallon sizes. The lids are air tight and the only product I have lost in the past were my dehydrated olives that turned rancid (will freeze them next time) and nuts (which are now frozen) as well.

Keeping Herbs long term.
It has been my experience if you store GOOD HERBS in air tight containers in a dark area (my pantry is dark unless I turn on the light) they last for years and years.

My husband and his brother sold the deli 13 years ago. At that time I brought home a gallon container of Oregano … it was home grown and dried by a little old Italian lady and I am still using that same batch. It is still better than any fresh batch you buy at the store. So if you grow herbs … keep that in mind :)

So here is what was on the remake agenda today.
My Italian Herbs
Taco Seasoning
Cream of Something Soup Mix

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