Patio Cooking Solutions

Tile and grout for cabinet tops purchased and ready to install.

Patio cooking equipment research started a few days ago. Then on a canning forum a young woman already using her patio suggested a Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Propane Stove. That she was using already and really liked.

The specs for this stove are:

  • Two 30,000 BTU commercial cast burners
  • Fully adjustable heat-control dials
  • Removable legs for portability
  • Three sided windscreen
  • Regular and three foot hose
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Stove Dimensions: 32 5/8″ x 14″
  • Height: 29″
  • Total Output: 60,000 BTU
  • Weight: 40 lbs

NECESSARY for this equipment is how much weight it can carry. My big All American Pressure Canner weights 20 pounds empty. Add water and 7 quarts to 19 pints of glass jars and the weight is considerably more. Not having a sturdy stable burner could end up in disaster.

Since each canning batch takes 15 to 90 minutes (depending on the food being processed). Canning on the patio would save quite a lot of steam being pumped into the kitchen.

2 other stoves I have found are pretty inexpensive and have fairly good ratings. They are smaller units. A one burner and a 2 burner. Both have 8″ (8,000 BTU) burners and are run using butane canisters that last about 3 hours each.

Here are the adverting details:

With a high heat output of 8,000 BTUs per burner, this portable butane range with two solid brass burners is perfect for off-premise catering and cooking demonstrations where electricity is not readily available. It features a manual control knob for each burner to increase or decrease the flame separately, allowing you to cook at two different temperatures simultaneously. The burners are easily removed which makes cleaning a breeze.

For superior safety, this portable butane range features a lock feature that locks each butane canister in place, allowing the range to ignite; if the lock is not in place, it will not ignite. CE Listed.

2-Burner Butane Countertop Range

Price: $25.99

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 25″
Depth: 10 3/8″
Height: 3 1/4″

Cooking Surface Dimensions:
Length: 8″
Depth: 8″

1-Burner High Performance Butane Countertop Range

(has the same capability as the 2 burner).

Price $25.99
I could have purchased the single burner mate to the unit above for $14.49 but opted for this one simply to check the quality for my specific needs.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 13 1/4″
Depth: 11 1/4″
Height: 4 1/2″

Cooking Surface Dimensions:
Length: 8″
Depth: 8″


All of these units have arrived and I will be trying them out in the next few days.

I will report back how they preform once I have tried them all.

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