My Weber Grill

grillIt seems there is always something new on the horizon to try that has been around forever but I have yet to try.

Yes we have a grill and use it quite a lot … but for the most part I left it up to my husband because it was somehow simply to much of a bother to me. He loves spareribs and is great at cooking lamb chops with his mothers special sauce.

It has been a traditional Easter favorite.

Of late I have taken new interest in cooking and smoking food was an intreguing thought. So I talked Joe into buying me a new Weber Grill.

I got mine from Amazon … it is the Weber One-Touch Gold 22″ Kettle Grill

Why this particular grill?

Well I started doing a bit of research and happened onto a great website called
It took me about a week reading through his website … it is very comprehensive. Actually comprehensive enough for me to recognize HE IS INDEED AN EXPERT.

So I followed his advice and purchased everything he recommended to have perfect results.

One thing I hate is the waste of food (especially meat) which is no longer cheap.

The grill got here in 2 days and I had to put it together … not hard at all. Then I did follow Meatheads advice and put it through a few dry runs to get use to how to operate it.

Next will be the real deal … I will keep you all posted.

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