My Useless Pantry Storage & Kitchen Cabinets

pantry1Are now functional.

Whoever the architect was that made the plans for this house? He did have a room off the laundry that could be either a half-bath or pantry. I opted for it to be made into a pantry since we already had 2 other bathrooms.

Cleaning toilets is actually not my bag so cleaning one for me (a snap) and one for my husband (not a snap) is enough.

Plus my laundry room is joined by my kitchen.
So I have a kitchen door that opens into the laundry area and an adjacent door that goes into a walk in pantry that is 6 3/4 ft wide by 3 1/2 ft. deep.

The builder put shelving on each side of the area giving me a number of shelves that were totally useless at 3 1/2 feet wide by 24 inches deep.

single-drawerAfter about 5 years of dealing with this non-function and losing many tin cans of fruits and vegetables stuck back on a shelf never to be seen again … I wised up and started looking for a solution.

The idea struck me (since I had designed and was building my computer office) to have full extension pull out shelves. I did not have the time to stop my office building so I started looking for something pre-made.

How many of you ladies suffer with these big deep drawers in your cabinets that have your kitchen tools in a heap at the bottom and about 5 to 6 inches above wasted?

So I set about correcting all of my kitchen problems.
I eventually found remedies for each of them and as time goes on I will pass them on to everyone else.

I was lucky that my grandfather was a cabinet maker so from tiny-hood I was exposed to table saws, routers, band saws, sanders and good wood. That exposure made me believe I too could build anything … so I did.

drawer-frameMy pantry remedy was commercial wire basket shelving units that I found at Orchard Supply. They may have had them at Home Depot too. The brand was ClosetMaid. The great thing about this shelving is you can choose the depth of your shelves. You could get single, double or triple deep. The shelves are interchangeable so you can arrange them any way you want. Since I was using them for canned goods I liked the single drawer best.

I have 6 of these units in my pantry and the rest space is stacked with square canisters filled with the things I use daily. On one side I have 2 big roll out baskets that attach to the shelf and pull out.


The #303 cans lay on their sides and are perfect fit in thse single drawers. 20 cans fit into one of these single drawers.
I place a tag at the front of each drawer so that I know at a glance where to find things.


On the shelf above these shelf racks I store thngs I use on a daily basis. Notice I use only square containers so I do not lose space. I have used these square containers in my freezers also.
I actually store little in my freezer that could be lost if we lost power or the unit fails.

Yes 2 times in recent years I have had the compressors go out on my big freezers. Usually it costs more to have them repaired than simply buy a new one.


This is the pull out basket mounted to the top shelf on the other side of the pantry.
This shelving is high enough and deep enough that I can not reach it without a step stool. When the baskets pull out it is then easy to reach everything in the back.

No space in my pantries or closets goes to waste.


I even utilize what would be empty space on the inside of my door with shelves.

This is the the top shelf to half of a cabinet in my garage.Note that all canned goods are dated before they go into these cabinets. The new to the back and the old to the front.

This is the lower half of that side of the cabinet. The other side to this unit is filled with extra jars, sealing materials and cleaning rags.
This unit measures 3 ft. wide by 6 ft. high.

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