My new All American Sun Oven

sun-oven1I bought my sun oven off Amazon at the link below.
They have a good price and their customer service has always been very good.
This unit comes with just the basics for $294 with FREE shipping.

All American Sun Oven

A few months back I saw Wendy Dewitt talking about her Sun Oven. I was so intrigued I started my own research on it.

I live in the central valley of California and the summer can get very hot for long periods of time. My home is fairly well insulated however when it gets hot inside it does not cool off easily.

So when the temperatures reach 105 degrees and above I do not find it wise to heat up the stove or oven for long periods of time.

I could hardly wait for it to arrive and when it did I opened it immediately the took pictures to share here.

sun-oven2 It was not until I got ready to do the pre use process that I realized the little plate that holds the stabilizing stand was dented. I went ahead anyway and set the thing in the sun. Focused it towards the sun and lined it up then set in the pot of vinegar. That process takes about 90 minutes. It did give me the opportunity to check out the temperatures it can reach. It never wen past 325 degrees.

I was a little surprised because it was pretty hot that day … like maybe 104 degrees.

sun-oven3This pre-use process I am assuming is to get rid of the hot plastic smell that comes when the oven is placed in the sun.

I had read complaints from other buyers so I was prepared. The smell was almost gone after my vinegar process was over. A couple of times in use and the smell is totally gone. It was kind of like the smell of a new car when it sits in the sun for a while.

Next I called the manufacturer about the damaged plate in the back.


That plate was attached by 6 small screws so I know if I could get a new plate I could fix it myself. The girl who answered the telephone at Sun Ovens was very nice and asked if I could send her pictures and I did. She dropped a new plate in the mail the next day and I had the replacement in a couple of more.

My logic was send the unit back and waste time and shipping expense or fix it myself.

sun-oven6Meanwhile I had figured out how to use the little oven until my new part arrived. It was actually very simple I just put the little stabilizing leg in backwards so it did not have to slip in the slot that was dented. The oven was not quite as stable but certainly workable.

I have now cooked 4 meals in this oven and am amazed at how great the food is.
Do you know how sometimes your left over food is better flavored the next day because the seasoning has an opportunity to sink in a bit better?

Well this comes right out of the oven like that. I am very impressed.

However my being impressed is nothing like my husband being impressed.
Especially since he laughed at my being so silly to want and buy this oven.

I have to tell you if food I cook passes his taste test it will probably pass the test for the most critical foodie around.

So 4 times out and 4 big wins so far.


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