My New Copper Preserving Pan

peach-pizazz1It is odd how things happen in ones life. Since I am recovering from West Nile Virus and my strength and endurance is not yet back up to par I have had a lot of time to devote to cooking.

That and going through the family recipes to make them into a book or collection for the family and friends. The recipes have been around for over 100 years (my grandmother, mother, mother-in-law and mine) but it is necessary I try them before entering them in the FAMILY BOOK.

Through the holidays it is the time of year I always focus on jam, jelly, and confections … often for gifts.

As I have mentioned in another post … though I have made jam and jelly for at least 40 years of my life it has been a hit and miss success using commercial pectin.

I could not reconcile paying two to three hundred dollars for a copper pot back then.

orange-peel6Now that I think about it that was really a foolish thought process since I lost so many batches to some failure or another. Noting my success rate with the new pan I could have paid for it 10 times over in the product and time lost.

To be honest getting this pan was sort of a fluke in itself and had this not happened I probably would not have it today.

I was surfing information on pectin … who liked what the best and who did without it. Some blogger mentioned her copper pan.

copper-panWhere would I head to find one?
AMAZON … my all time go to source.
Low and behold I found THIS GREAT COPPER PANnot for $280 or $350 but $85.28.
Are you kidding me?
Free shipping for Prime members.

That price was well worth it so that is why I now have a beautiful copper preserving pan.

So what is all the hype about copper?
Heat conductivity.
Copper heats much quicker and more evenly.

This is my experience and what I have noticed.

When you turn off your burner your pan immediately starts to cool. This is important if you want to freezer test your jam for doneness. That process may take 5 minutes if your jam continues to simmer it can scorch in that time. My 18/10 stainless with heavy bottoms just continued to simmer even though the heat was off.

peach-pizazz2The pan has taller slanted sides and a wide bottom. Making jam without pectin needs to cook fast for better taste. The wide bottom allows more space for the liquid to evaporate more quickly. It is the same as using a large sauce pan say in stainless steel. I have used my 14″ chicken fryer with 4″ straight up sides. I DID SCORCH pepper jam while testing even though I removed from the heat.

I have also used my Lodge cast iron ceramic coated dutch oven. It worked but still holds the heat too long to allow your jam to cool enough to avoid “fruit float”.

I have now made about 6 batches of research and development jams with this new pan. I am happy to say not one of them has been a failure.

So I consider my pan well worth the money I spent on it and actually worth the 2 or 3 hundred dollars other companies are asking.

No wonder the great confection cooks insist on copper :)

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