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garden41414Well everyone I have been busy, busy of late. That is why there is a gap in my recipe publications.

One of the things I could never seem to master was growing a vegetable garden. It was not that I did not try I was just a flop at it. What can I say?

It has always bothered me because there is little that I could not master in my life … not to mention my grandmother and mother in law all were excellent at it.

At one time I built several large raised beds out of cedar and planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other common vegies. All a flop. Horned tomato worms, black rot at the end of my tomatoes, bugs eating everything.

Wasting time and money (mostly time) made it a one year adventure. My cedar beds got old and my husband who hates anything old looking tore them out and sent them to the dump. Hundreds of dollars down the drain.

His attitude was why waste time and money when you can get these things at the market so cheap?

This year I decided to give a garden one last try.

From the start he was making fun of me. But now as it is looking pretty good he is beginning to be A BIT IMPRESSED … lol

Kind of by accident in searching how to grow a garden I happened onto a youtube channel that clicked and made sense. This very creative guy named Larry Hall invented (perhaps adapted is a better term) a self watering system called the rain gutter garden system (RGGS).

Since later a well seasoned clerk at the hardware store told me that was a common method used by clandestine POT GROWERS.

Well why not?

It took me about 3 weeks to watch all of his videos on the system, make a plan for my own space then collect all of the stuff I would need.

I decided to use a combination of Larry’s self watering systems. One long rain gutter at the front. 6 kiddy pools with grow bags and a number of large storage tubs that were simply sitting in the garage not being used.

Here is a picture journal of my progress to date.

garden-frame garden-frame-mulch
garden41414 garden41414-2
tomato1 lisa-tinker

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