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keifer-shakeWhen I started making Kefir years ago I was using a culture from a company in Canada. They serviced the large producers of milk and cheese products so I had to buy in bulk. Then along came my next supply source here in the USA and you could purchase single batch packets.

Let me say right off I use whole milk, heavy whipping cream, real butter, whole eggs and real cheese products.

I do not believe that these products are harmful to your health EVEN IF YOU CONSUME THEM DAILY.

I question what “fake food” does to our system over long periods of time. Somehow common sense tells me God made product is better for us than man made. No matter how you slice, dice or Kinsu it.

So I experimented with the recipe (simple as it was) and found if I added cream to my milk my finished product was thicker and delicious. So that was my go to method for a number of years.

Then into my life came the Kefir Grain method and I got my original grains from Germany. It took forever for them to grow to any size and I found a young woman who raised goats and was willing to sell her extra grains … so I bought them and they were shipped to me here in California … oh my these multiplied like rabbits.

kefir2What a difference … GORGEOUS BIG FLUFFY KEFIR GRAINS.

Kefir grains like sourdough are almost indestructible even when neglected for a long time. I have left mine dormant without adding new milk for 8 or 9 months and they still pop back to life when fed. The same with my now 3 year old sourdough. I keep them refrigerated of course.

So how is this delicious other Kefir made?

Like in my grain Kefir method you need a quart mason jar (mine is wide mouth)
I fill the jar about 3/4 of the way with whole milk and add enough heavy whipping cream to about 1/2 inch from the top of the jar.

kefir-starterPop it in the microwave for 2 minutes on high. Stir with a long knife or spoon. It should test body temp. if dropped on the inside of your wrist. Add your packet of Kefir Starter if this is your first batch OR about 1/4 cup kefir from your already made batch. Stir again, cover with a soft cloth or paper towel (you want it to breathe), set in a warm spot and allow it to ripen. This can take from 8 hours to 24 hours depending on the house temperature.

How I tell when mine is done … is uncover it and see if it is thick. If you tilt it a slight bit it will be liquid … you are aiming for about soft store bought yogurt thickness.

Then the ultimate doneness test!
Grab a spoon and taste it!
It will be mildly sour but thick and creamy.
You can pour it but not easily.

When you feel it is done stir it well again and pop in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it for your very healthy smoothie or breakfast shake.

What you need to make your first batch of this type of Kefir is:
Kefir Starter
Heavy Whipping Cream

Can you re-arrange the amounts of milk and cream?
Yes you are aiming for a consistency that you like and a flavor you like.

ez-sweetzLorAnn oils and sweeten with EZ Sweetz and you have no sugar, no carb. or low carb. very tasty drink.

Liquid EZ Sweetzis a zero calorie, concentrated liquid sucralose solution.

Sucralose is the generic name of the sweetener being sold as Splenda.
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