More Canning and Storage Information

Jar BoxesNow that I have what I want canned what do I do with it?

Personally I do not like to put my canned goods in my garage. Here in the valley the temps reach sometimes up to 110 degrees. Heat is not friendly to canned goods over long periods. We do have a cooler running in our garage during the summer and it is insulated so in all honesty it probably does not reach over 90 in there.

I still prefer to put my canned goods inside the house.
I have a spare walk in closet where I keep my canned goods.

Jar BoxesHere is the method I use.
I buy jar boxes in pint size and quart size.
1. to keep the jars from getting broken
2. to keep the jars clean from dust
3. to make them stack vertically in my walk in closets.

Each box is numbered. The constants and date are logged by number of the box. That way I keep a running inventory of what I have in stock.

Everything is rotated.
I NEVER can anything I do not use on a daily or weekly basis.

So for example. I use a lot of chicken thigh. So I have 60 pints of canned chicken thigh on hand. That means I have 5 jar boxes to hold those 60 jars. They will be stacked in vertical rows in the closet with the newest canned on the bottom and the oldest canned on the top. When the oldest dozen are gone I can another dozen and it will go on the bottom of the stack.

It is a simple method to keep track of what you have and how to easily rotate it and replenish when necessary.

Canned VegitiblesCanning in glass will last many many years. Your food is safe unless your metal cap rusts. I have to say in all of the years I have canned the only rust I have encountered was on tomatoes before I started washing my jars. That only occurred perhaps twice over the years.

You can buy these jar boxes online. Prices vary widely up to $14.99 a box … so I suggest you run a search.

So far the best buy I have found for the pint size was for $6.48 a box. I got them at

Weck Canning JarsIf I ordered 16 then shipping was FREE so SOLD – DONE DEAL!
So for $103.68 I had 16 pint sized jar boxes.

So those jar boxes take up a space 41 inches wide X 17 inches deep X 29 inches high.

Not bad for 192 pints of canned goods that will not spoil if by chance you lose power for a few days. Your freezer full of meat will be gone in a day.

How do I know? We had a big walk in Freezer at our deli and a fire causes us to lose power and everything had to be given away quickly or thrown in the trash bins.

Just as a side note I also have other canning jars and lids for special things like pickles etc. My favorite decorative jars are the German Weck jars. Lucky I purchased them a long time ago when they were very reasonable. As you can see they are really beautiful jars.

For Jams and jellies I also have beautiful decorative jars for giving as gifts.

What can I say but canning is not only practical it is a lot of fun. 😉

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