Making the Patio Cook Worthy

It is getting very hot here in the valley.
The question? … what is better letting the inside of the house heat up with the oven and stove running or cooking outside.

The problem we face with this house is we have extra heavy insulation. The pro to that is if … it is really really cold it takes longer to get really really cold in the house … same with heat. The con? … once it gets really really cold or hot reversing the situation is more difficult.

So not adding to the heat problem in the house is my mission for the last couple of years. Electricity is expensive and running an air conditioner makes the expense worse.

patio2A viable answer seems to be cook outside. We have a nice large patio with usable floor space of about 11 feet by 25 feet. Of course there is a table, chairs, fountain, side tables etc.

The main issue (counter and storage space) was solved long ago when I was still building things. I built in a set of stationery cabinets that run about 10 feet along the inside patio wall.

Then when I decided to take up lamp-working I bought kitchen cabinets … placed heavy duty rollers on them to store my glass rods and lamp-working tools. That gave me another moveable 8 feet of counter top and cabinet space.

patio3I already have a Wolfgang Puck Pressure oven which I LOVE.
There is an Excalibur 9 shelf dehydrator which I LOVE.

Both of these appliances are already being used on the patio because there is no counter space I choose to sacrifice in the kitchen.

The All American Sun Oven was purchased over a year ago so that I could utilize the sun for baking in case we were without power. That worked into a whole summer of absolutely no kitchen electricity being used just so I could see exactly what it would do. Everything I experimented with was excellent. I LOVE IT and it is ENERGY FREE!

The problem with the patio is electrical outlets. There is only one. I have a surge protector battery back up on that but still only two at the most appliances can hook up to that without causing the breaker to kick off.

First thing first.

The tops of these roll around cabinets have wooden tops. Probably not the best idea if I want to be using some heating device on top.

Tile is in order. So that will be the next step. While I research what will be the best cooking appliances to use that will do the job while not burning the house down at the same time.

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