Making Jam & Jelly

mango-pineapple-jam2This time of year I always make a batch or 2 of my favorite jams and jellies. I have done this for many years. Over those years I have had some definite failures. Partly in research and development of new recipes and partly because the pectin recipes that come in the little boxes failed.

Last year I tried a spin on my Red Hot Pepper Jam (a tried and true recipe) and it was a total flop. It was sickening because of the perspective loss of fruit, sugar and time (which is most important to me.

Lucky for me I have not thrown the jars of jam out yet. Needing a glaze for a ham this “Hot Pepper Pineapple Mango Jam” was a fairly simple fix because the jam was so thick.

This is what I did.
I added a couple tablespoons of pineapple juice to the jar when I opened it. The left over had to be refrigerated so I did not bother to heat the juice first. I simply added and stirred until it was smooth.

While I was looking for some information on pectin today I ran across a very comprehensive website that covers almost everything you want or need to know about canning. It had really good information if your batch of jam or jelly does not set up and gel properly.

Remedy for runny Jam or Jelly
if you want to print it out here it is in PDF.

By the way I always put my jam and jelly jars in a water bath.

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