Last Batch of Quick Sauce Until Fall

quick-sauce6915-1Last week I canned a big batch of Quick Sauce.

This sauce is basically a meatless spaghetti sauce. It is not heavy tomato paste like a Ragu. It is light, chunky and I use it in many recipes including a quick sauce for any macaroni.

Today I washed all of the jars and put them in the new Jarboxes ready for storage.

Temperatures are rising here in the Valley so it looks like my canning days are over for the summer. Yesterday it was 104 degrees and today it is 89 with 22% humidity(high humidity is unusual here where it is normally dry heat). Fresno runs pretty dry hot (100 to 110) through Mid August.

I should figure out a way to set up a canning station out on the patio. It certainly is large enough.

Anyway I got 11 pints and 4 quarts out of this batch of Quick Sauce (this batch was 6 times the original).

The really cool thing is these great storage boxes (Jarboxes) I ordered a month or so ago. I became aware of this product a couple of years ago but never got around to order them … silly me … they are now about $5 each more expensive. They come in pint and quart sizes.


In the past I have simply kept the boxes that I buy the canning jars in. Tape down the plastic covering on the outside just in case something breaks it will not damage the hardwood floors or the rugs on them. Anyone using that method knows these work but are not terribly sturdy and there are no top covers.

0jarboxesThese handy boxes are great. Well made of heavy plastic, the top locks on to the bottom or you can use the tops as bottoms if you do not want them covered. I have lots of cats so I like covers to keep out the cat fur and dust. Plus a cover keeps the rings and bands free from damage or being knocked off.

I bought mine at LEM … JarBox for Pint & Quart Jars
Pint boxes were $12.95
Quart Boxes were $16.95

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