juju1Bradly called to tell me he and Erica were moving from moms house to an apartment.

Jujube (Brads Maine Coon cat) needed a sound place to live for a while. After a bit of arm twisting I said okay.

I had heard about this magnificent cat but had never seen him.

Oh my … what can I say but he is GORGEOUS!
In a sitting position he is about 24 inches tall. His tail is at least 16 inches long and his fur thick and plush. He weighs in at a hefty 36 pounds on the vets scales.

He is by far the largest cat to live with me in all of my years. To top that off he is a tabby which is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. It was love at first sight. Well for me at least. Miri my Pixie Bob was not so thrilled. Of course he is a boy and out weighs her by 4 times … but she is mean as a snake and immediately let him know she is the boss of this den.

He is not at all afraid of her but he does show respect in that he has not yet at least decided to beat the crap out of her.

One not so great thing … Brad loved and teased him so much from the time he was a tiny kitten that today when this guy decides to grab you with the full might of his 36 pounds … Katy bare the door.

juju2The positive thing about these encounters … they are few and short. He wraps his paws around you, kicks, squirms, bites and leaps up and dashes off.

So now we are in a retraining program of NICE KITTY. He is responding well and I do not surprise hug him or ever try and hold him against his will. I can pick him up upside down without him squirming to get away. Not for long though he is pretty heavy. I can not say he is thrilled just tolerant.

He has learned in a short time I am not like that unruly Brad who holds him down and kisses him on the cat lips against his will.

I have informed Brad Jujube is now grandma’s cat and he can visit if he behaves and does not tease :)

Interestingly Jujube is very interested in my clients. Most of them are drawn to him immediately. He makes a stunning entrance as he leaps onto the marble coffee table and sits a 2 full feet tall in front of them observing with his beautiful green eyes … lol
Several who knew he was on loan offered to take him home with them if he ever needed a new place to live.

I always warn them he is not totally predictable … that being said he has never tried to scratch or bite anyone.

Apparently he know no guest is going to try and maul him to death against his will … LOL

He is my beautiful boy and I LOVE HIM!

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