Janie Pendleton’s 10,000 Subscriber Contest

I do not always have a lot of time to watch youtube video but have been subscribed to this young woman’s channel for a while.

Last night (very late) I happened to check out one of my youtube accounts and saw she was running this contest. It also had a recipe exchange so I entered my family favorite (we had it for our family Christmas Dinner this year) Hobo Stew.

Anyway for those of you food, prepper enthusiasts she has so much fun stuff to offer.

Check her out and subscribe you will not be sorry :)

2 Responses to Janie Pendleton’s 10,000 Subscriber Contest

  • Hi Linda hope your doing well. Hobo Stew sounds great, sorry I missed.

    • Hi Gary … hope you are still doing okay too. Next time you come down we can have this. Suzie and I have been experimenting on some pretty great pies and breads … you will love it.

      We had a great strawberry pie a couple of days ago.
      We can whip that up too :)

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