How Charcoal Works

So you are ready to smoke or grill and want to know what to use for your fire and how?

I found the most amazing website with the answer to everything I wanted to know so far.

I have followed MeatHeads advice and so far everything has turned out PERFECT!

This was his advice and you can find the whole page at:
The Zen Of Charcoal: How Charcoal Is Made And How Charcoal Works

“I use Kingsford Sure Fire (blue bag) briquets for most cooking because I have a good feel for how many briqs will produce the desired temps in my cookers, because they remain constant from bag to bag, because I know they are at peak temp when they ash over (lump does not ash over), and because stores often place them on sale. I switch to Kingsford Competition for steaks, when I want max heat. I never buy Match-Light or any accelerant impregnated charcoal. Neither do I buy charcoal with wood chips. I prefer to control the amount of wood by adding it manually. Briquets do create more ash which insulate the glowing coals and cool them a bit, but that makes them last longer.”

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