Hand Decorated Cookies

decorated-cookies5The cupcake decorating has now moved on to cookies.

I love frosting … I suppose in a pinch I could eat it on bread but I would much rather eat it on a great white cake (GIVE ME THE ROSES PLEASE) or a great tasting cupcake or a great cookie.

Joe will have none of it … he scrapes the frosting off if he possibly can.

Now that Suzie and I have developed this absolute to die for frosting we are moving into other directions of using it.

So here is the latest cookie decorating venture.

We start with rolled cookie dough (no recipe yet because we have yet to develop one that tastes great).

Then I had just purchased a bunch of graduated cookie cutter shapes by Ateco from Webstaurantstore.

Graduated because the cookie could be cut one size and a rolled fondant just a bit smaller. That way you end up with a nice smooth cookie canvas for decorating.

You can see the steps below.

rolling-pin round-cookies
oval-cookies oval-cookies2
round-cookies4 round-cookies3
star-cookie oval-rose-cookies
decorated-cookies3 assorted-decorated-cookies
decorated-cookies2 decorated-cookies
decorated-cookies7 decorated-cookies6

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