Get More Juice from Lemons & Limes

lemons&limesSeems that lemons and limes are getting more expensive all of the time. Lucky I live in CA were both are prevalent. That being said I DO NOT have a citrus tree in my yard but I do have friends that do.

There is a perk for that. Most home grown citrus here is not fertilized, sprayed or waxed so essentially it is organic. That makes it nice if you want to use the peel for zest or candy. It simply takes a good wash and you are good to go.

BTW: Lemon and Orange peel make dynamite candy. Labor intensive but definitely worth the time and effort.

Anyway I am game for anything that allows me to get more juice from this fruit that I use on a daily basis.

Today I ran into this video and will share it here.
Try it and see for yourself :)

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