Garden Update 30 Days Later.

garden41414-3The garden is still taking a lot of time. But so far things are doing remarkably well considering my garden experience in the past was a total flop.

I credit Larry Hall and his soil formula for the success so far.

I have to say this garden mix is wonderful. It is so clean smelling and much to my surprise it did not get your hands dirty like digging in the regular garden.


compost-binHere is Larry’s home made Garden Mix:

2 five gallon buckets full coco fiber or peat moss (I used coco coir)
1 five gallon bucket Compost or worm castings (I used 100% worm castings)
1 large coffee can full of vermiculite

then to the above add:
1 1/2 cup Horticultural Garden lime
1 handful of Epsom salts
1 cup Wood Ash or blood meal
1 cup gypsum

I used by big compost rotating bin to mix all of this up … it was easier than trying to mix it all in a big tub.

Water good and use 1 c. 10.10.10 fertilizer of around the very edge of container (don’t wet) top with 1/2” to 1” more soil on top

garden41414-4 garden41414-7
garden41414-6 garden41414-5
garden41414-8 garden41414-9

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