Freezing Ground Chuck

With food prices skyrocketing I am always on the watch for a sale. That being said I do not want to give up quality. I am lucky Joe was a butcher all of his life so he knows quality meat.

He does all of the meat selection. Many times he comes home empty handed because the sale meat is not suitable according to “Joe Standard”.

Today we found some really good ground chuck … not a terrific price but exceptional quality. So I had him buy a bunch. It was ground fresh this morning so I freeze it immediately.

My usual freezing process is to open a large package and split it into 1 pound blocks. Wrap them in cheap plastic and quick freeze them. When they are frozen then I seal them in heavy plastic with my food saver.

freezing-ground-beef1There is a method to this long process madness and it is not wanting beef juice whiffed up my food saver vacuum tube. Frozen? … problem solved.

Well today this beautiful ground chuck came in about 1 pound packages. So why not take advantage of this nice shape and pack it immediately with my food saver and have it double packaged?

Here is what I did. First I flattened the beef out just pressing on it so it would stack better … then I took a knife and poked holes in each corner of the package plastic wrap. Then slipped it into my food saver bag and vacuum sealed. A little beef juice was expelled out of the package but not enough to do any damage.

freezing-ground-beef3Voila ready for the freezer :)

Now why did I poke holes in the corners of the plastic wrap on each package?

Those nicely sealed packages from the market had air in them (most markets do not vacuum seal fresh meat).

Punching those holes allowed the air inside the store package to be sucked out with the vacuum seal.

Air allows freezer burn … sucking that air out with the punched holes? … problem solved.

The double packaging I expect to last in the freezer a good 3 years. Yes if you vacuum seal with a good bag it will last at least 2 years with a single wrap.

How do I know?

I found a package of chicken hidden in the back of the freezer the other day that had a 2 year date on it. Not one bit of freezer burn. Equal in quality to the newer packages.

So is a good food vacuum sealer worth the price? You bet! Ask Joe who was a skeptic until I proved it to him :)

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