Filling for a Multi Color Russian Piping Tip

Russian Tulip Tip
This is our latest play toy. They are Russian flower piping tips. I saw these demonstrated a while back and they were so pretty and easy I decided to buy a couple of sets. I now have 14 different little flowers.

They came from China (on a slow boat) so until now there has been no time to play with them.

Meanwhile I had seen this bag filling technique before but forgot where. Today I happened on to YouTube actually looking for something else and up popped this video.

This week Suzie and I will be practicing with these tips so this is a super cool technique since we love to use all colors.

I have so far made ahead of time 4 big batches of buttercream … colored all and placed them in separate tubs. Now we simply make the colored inserts and pipe away. 😉

How fun is this?

The little cupcake at the top is a very quick first try that I made for a little birthday gathering for my cousin Randi.

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