Fermented Foods

Fermenting VeggiesI have fermented foods for years off and on. One of my favorites has always been home made sauerkraut. I have written about that process in the past in a post called Homemade Sauerkraut.

To be honest I have 2 wonderful big crocks that I love. The tiny problem?
Those darn crocks are really heavy. The smallest weighs in at about 21 lbs EMPTY.

Well who knows unless you try it out … right?

So now I am back to my mason jar ferments which are much more practical. Practical in that there are now only 2 of us at home and variety is the spice of life so they say. Funny how most of us default to our tried and true favorites.

Anyway since I love to cook and seem to be a kitchen gadget junkie … if they made it eventually I found it and tried it.

Unfortunately if things are hard to use, unsuccessful or FLAT DO NOT WORK as advertised … I quickly abandon them. Frankly my time and effort are too important to waste on crappy or non functioning tools.

Fermented VegetablesIf a product makes it here onto this website you can bet it was better than average in the market place.

Of late my interest has turned back to fermenting. After all it is summer and here in the central valley fruits and vegetables are at their peek. My patio is set up to manage my big canner in order to keep the heat outside. Only problem is the constant 104 temps keep me inside.

Back to the issues at hand … my long time romance with mason jars for fermenting has been severely dulled keeping the veggies under the liquid.

I have recently bumped into a couple of solutions that look PRETTY promising.

I am now waiting on product to arrive and will keep everyone posted on the progress.

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