Cute Kitten (Jitterbug)

Everyone who knows me knows I am a cat lover.
I have 10 of my own rescues All spayed and neutered. It has been a very long time since there was a kitten here like at least 10 years. Then there were 3 little orphan sisters all around 8 ounces each.

Is there anything cuter than a ball of fluff rolling around or jumping up and down together like pistons in a revved up corvette engine?

Somehow the other day I ended up on this website. A cattery that has some of the most beautiful Persian cats. Not the ones with the smooshed in faces that look like they have been over bred. These have to be some of the most beautiful Persians that I have seen.

This woman loves her cats and apparently spends most of her day grooming them.

From the looks of it they are certainly worth the time spent … GORGEOUS!!

Enjoy this baby getting a power wash from her mommie :)

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