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cupcakes7A very long time ago I use to decorate cakes. I practiced and played for about 10 years so I have most of the tools necessary stored away. Finally I got white cake and frosting saturated so that was the end of that hobby.

A couple of weeks ago Suzie wanted to learn to decorate cakes so we dragged out the tools of old and added some new ones. Cleaned out the box of stuff (organized) … READY SET GO!!

Well not exactly the old recipe was no good.
Back in the 50’s and 60’s the GO TO recipe was from Wilton and consisted of Crisco (did not melt until about 118 degrees) but certainly did not taste like butter no matter how much butter flavor you added. DIDN’T MATTER TO ME I loved the stuff no matter what … after all I am a white cake cousin :)
But no one else liked it much.

We then were FORCED to the extremely challenging task of finding a recipe that we could not live without while it did not melt and slide down the side of the cake at the same time.

So 6 recipe adjustments and about a ton of wonderful tasting frosting later (the taste was super easy … solving the melting off the side of the cake WAS NOT). Then there was the problem of we just could not WASTE ALL OF THAT WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS MELTY FROSTING. AHHH quick solution we HAD TO EAT IT OURSELVES. End result? Now we have a couple of 2 ton bakers … (JUST KIDDING … WELL? LOL) BUT we now have an absolutely TO DIE FOR frosting that holds a flower shape in 90 and above degree weather.

Next problem ordinary LITTLE FLOWERS no longer satisfied our craving for this wonderful frosting … so giant pastry tubes and even more gargantuan flowers were necessary for our tiny tiny regular sized cup cakes.

On our 6 batch of cupcakes I am happy to report that problem is solved too. We just need 2 huge batches of frosting to decorate 12 cupcakes.

Then we found decorating was so much fun we decided to speed thing up by using CAKE MIX instead of scratch … AMAZING HOW WONDERFUL Betty Crocker’s mix is by adding some LorAnn super concentrated flavored oils.

That took a couple of tries (taste testing) … then the next problem was the cake itself was so great Joe kept eating our blank canvasses before we could get our GREAT FROSTING on them.

We fixed that by hiding them in the freezer … out of sight out of mind.

Now he passes them up because he says they are too pretty to eat!
Certainly seems that is not a deterrent for Suzie an I.

At some point in this process we hit youtube for inspiration and found Liz Larson who has a great teaching technique and so many wonderful ideas.

We have had so much fun and have laughed and laughed with this process.

We will post our final recipe for both cake and frosting next time. Mean while here is what we have been doing :)

cupcakes1 cupcakes2
cupcakes3 cupcakes4
cupcakes5 cupcakes6

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