Coconut Bites

I get a newsletter from a little gal named Lindsy at Pinch of Yum.

She takes great photographs of her food and has some really good recipes.

This recipe called Sweet Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites was a must try.

So I made these today because I love coconut and chocolate. My thoughts … how could one miss with those ingredients?

Well one could not!

You can get her recipe at the link above.
I made a couple of changes.

I added 1/4 to 1/2 cup of powdered sugar because I could tell they needed to be sweeter for us.

I used a 3 Tbsp. cookie scoop to keep a uniform size then simply squeezed them into the round shape. I did not mind if they were not perfectly round.

I have an electric Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot … so I used Belgium chocolate thinned a bit with coconut oil to dip smoothly.

These are so good. I figured they would be good but I was actually surprised at how really really GREAT they are. They have been taste tested on 3 people here and everyone LOVED THEM.

Here is a picture story of the process:
Very simple to make :)

coconut-bites6 coconut-bites7
coconut-bites8 coconut-bites9
coconut-bites10 coconut-bites4
coconut-bites5 coconut-bites3

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