Chefs Choice 615 Food Slicer

slicer1Since I have started to cook a lot again (the family recipe book testing), I thought it would be nice to have a food slicer.

When we still had the deli as an every day exposure it was easy to slice deli meats and cheeses for home use. For the past 13 years not so much. It required a trip across town and planning ahead. I am not much of a plan ahead cook … I WANT MY PANTRY WELL STOCKED for spur of the moment.

slicer2Then I HATE shredding cheese. You know scraped knuckles and all. As convenient as store shredded cheese is … it does not quite melt like shredded or sliced block cheese.

So I decided to research and finally decided on the Chefs Choice 610. I decided that on a youtube demo that showed the ease of taking it all apart and cleaning it. Then I looked at the customer reviews and saw how highly rated by users it was. That being done I placed my order.

Than a strange thing happened. Somehow Kohl’s screwed up my order and sent me Chef’s Choice 615Premium Electric Food Slicer instead (more powerful expensive machine). When I went back to watch the youtube video again his machine was actually a 615.

So somehow everything miraculously fell into place to my benefit. YEAH!!

Joe was really impressed too. It did not cost that much and did what we wanted it to do. It cleans easily. Is light weight (really important to me). Has a small counter foot print (even more important to me). Does not slip and slide round while you are trying to slice ANYTHING.

So far I have sliced roast, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, cabbage, onions and bread. Who would think this would be one of my favorite kitchen tools.

Thin sliced mozzarella cheese for lasagna is so much better than shredded! :)

My slicer cost $120 (free shipping) with a discount coupon around Christmas.

You can check on Amazon to see how much they are selling them for now at time of this post they have gone from $169 to $149 for the model 615.
Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

This product comes with a serrated blade so I invested in a straight edge for cutting thin meat. I got it at Amazon along with a food safe grease.

Chef`s Choice Non-serrated Blade for Model 609, 610, 615 Food Slicer

McGlaughlin Oil PETROL-GEL 4 Oz. Lubricant Tube – 1 / TB

slicer3 slicer4
slicer5 slicer6
slicer7 slicer8

Here is the video that shows the ease of taking this machine apart and cleaning it.

The author of this video (William Fiorello) also has another video with a demo using the machine.

Very COOL!!

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