Cake Basics a new Series

CakeSince I have been recovering from the dreaded mosquito bite (West Nile virus) which rendered me paralyzed from the neck down for close to 2 months … I have been cooking up a storm for the last 2 months out of 6.

Since my recovery had be sequestered to a 24 hour care facility for 2 months then the sofa, physical therapy and TV for another 2 months … the Food Network became a favorite past time and my enthusiasm for baking desert was renewed.

Even though in my younger days I spent a lot of time baking and decorating cakes some of the information I found at this youtube channel was new.

Now I know why we were told to do what we do when we bake. Clearly being self taught is not as good as being instructed by an expert :)

I found this Chef’s tutorials so through I decided to feature them as a series here on His name is Chef Alan Tetreault and his company is Global Sugar Art.

He has wonderful supplies and as you will see his videos are very comprehensive.

I love that he was willing to share his bakery tips and tricks.

Printable recipe for this basic yellow butter cake is below:

How to slice and fill your cake.

Where can you buy these products?

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