Breakfast Shake

strawberry-shake3My mornings start out with a quick shake to get the nutrition I need to last until lunch.

The base of my shake is kefir.

I make my own Kefir 2 ways.
Original old fashion Kefir grains (have had mine for years). And a pro-biotic freeze dry powder that I order online and it makes about 9 quart batches before you start over.

I use the second method when I want just plain kefir without any flavor or fruit. This culture seems to be more mellow than using the Kefir grains. I love it and on a hot summer day will simply pour and drink a glass instead of buttermilk.

As a pro-biotic Kefir is much better for you than yogurt. Check out some of the links below my post on Kefir and maybe you will start making your own too :)

strawberry-1shakeMy shake is made in a NutraBullet RX. If you want a really good blender to chop your fruits and veggies into a real smooth smoothie this is the machine for you. I also have a big Ninja with the blending cups for smoothies but this NutraBullet Rx wins hands down.

So I start with my 30 oz. cup. It has a fill line that is so light you can not see it. I took a felt tip marker and marked it so I could easily see it. I add about a half cup of Kifer then add orange juice and coconut water. I do not measure just fill to the fill line.

Then I add 6 or 7 drops of flavor (LorAnn’s Oils) this time I used 3 drops of coconut extract and 4 drops of orange oil plus 1 Tbsp of sugar.

strawberry-shake2Next I added a hand full of frozen pineapple pieces and about 5 frozen strawberries. I buy the strawberries for about $10 for a 6 lb. bag. The other fruit wherever I can find a good price.

Place the blending cup on the NutriBullet RX base and it blends this into a great shake.

Joe and I share it.

You can use any fruit or vegetable you like.
Spinach is a great nutritious choice but you only need about a quarter cup of baby leaves. Interestingly if you use spinach you can not taste it at all. I also add 1 tsp each of flax seed and chia seed … both very good for you.

I go light on the fruits and veggies because I like my drink thin enough to drink easily with a straw.

We started buying our fruit fresh and quick freezing it but quickly found it was much cheaper to buy it already frozen. We will do that until our garden is producing again this summer.

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