Breading Cutlets

chicken-breaded-fried7Your cutlet can be any cut of meat. Beef, pork, veal, and chicken are the most popular.

I am part German so we called it schnitzel. My Italian mother-in-law called it scaloppine

Whatever you call it … it is a cut of meat that is dredged in flour, egg, and bread crumbs. What you do with it then can vary in a number of ways.

Since Joe seems to prefer chicken these days I primarily am cooking that but OH MY how he loves pork chops done this way and placed in the oven with wine and rosemary to steam into melt in your mouth the greatest tasting chops ever.

chicken-breaded-fried1Since I use a lot of chicken thigh I pound it first (my family DOES NOT LIKE BREAST). I like to get a nice even thickness (about 1/4 inch).

Since I am always looking for the easiest, least messy methods of doing things … this is how I do the basics of my breaded meat.

First I lay a piece of plastic wrap on my bread board and top it with a nice thigh. I season the top well … I do not season the bottom although you could. I then lay another piece of plastic wrap on top.

For a mallet I use a good size pot for frying pan. A nice size bottom gets the job done in a couple of whacks. No use wasting your money on a mallet from the “special gadget” section of WalMart or wherever.

chicken-breaded-fried3 chicken-breaded-fried2

Once I have my cutlets pounded I can place them back in the frig. (still in the plastic wrap) for use later. Or if I want to use them soon I will leave them in the plastic to come to room temp while I set up my dredging station.

chicken-breaded-fried4I keep it simple and use 3 old Marie Callender pie tins. The first has flour and seasoning. The second has the whisked egg. The third has the bread crumbs and seasoning.

I dip the cutlet in the flour. Turn it over, shake off the excess flour and dip in the egg both sides. Next in the bread crumbs. I pick up my pie pan and shake it a bit to make sure all of the cutlet bottom is coated well with the crumbs. I then turn it over shake again and then pat the coated cutlet into the pan making sure the breadcrumbs are sticking nicely to the cutlet.

I then place them on a plate while I get my skillet and oil hot if I am going to saute them or place them on a foil lined pan if they will be baked in the oven.

chicken-breaded-fried5 chicken-breaded-fried6

From this point on there are dozens of ways to prepare you cutlets. Baked, pan fried, deep fried … with sauces or without.

The coating can be anything from crushed up potato chips to panko or bread crumbs.

Here is where you can be creative and spice things up to suit your own family.

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