Artisan Bread

artisan1For many years when I was younger I made bread. Is there anything better than walking into a house and having the smell of hot fresh bread or apple pie?

Sheer heaven :)

There are only the two of us around most of the time now so no point in making much bread and allowing it to go to waste. 2 Day old bread is not so interesting to either of us and you can only make so many bread crumbs.

puck-breadmakerA few years back I ordered a Wolfgang Puck bread-maker.

Love it! But again how much bread can you eat?

The bread-maker fulfills the wonderful smell of fresh baking bread but there is something really nice about getting your hands on beautiful bread dough.

This bread-maker does many things that I like a lot.

It makes the best lemon curd … oh my!

Something I did not do often until this machine … as much as I really love lemon anything.

Then I happened upon the “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” written by Jeff Hertzberg, M.D., and Zoe Francois




What a fun experience this was. No kneading or heavy mixing required. You dump everything into a plastic bucket or bowl. Stir the few ingredients together let it rest then pinch off about a grapefruit size piece make it into a ball. Let it rise and bake.

dough-joeThe top picture here is what I got.

I do have a great set of Dough-Joe® Pizza and Baking Stones.

For years I used a thinner pizza stone that fit the bottom of my stove. It however was rather thin and these are close to 3/4 inch thick and I love them …  what else can I say?

Some complain that the stones are in 4 pieces. If it is a problem I have set mine on a large cookie sheet.

The thick stone makes a wonderful crispy crust on your bread as well as pizza.

Here is a video of Jeff and Zoe showing you hot to do it … enjoy!


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