All American Pressure Cooker/Canner

canner2I have another new toy.
I don’t know since I already had a Presto Pressure canner with the same capacity.
The selling point for me was it was metal to metal WITHOUT THE NEED for a rubber gasket. If you have ever had a mishap with a pressure canner you will know what I mean.

Today Pressure canners are extremely safe.

But if you have a load of meat in a canner up to pressure and blow a gasket you will survive quite well but the contents of your canner WILL NOT.

With the price of meat today and having the ability to can about 20 lbs at a whack I decided the $209 price tag was worth the outlay.

I purchased this canner from Amazon because they so far have been a very reliable source of goods with very competitive prices. Since I am a “Prime Member” I get 2 day shipping FREE and when I want something I like to have it asap.

canner1So here is what I got:
The All American Pressure Cooker/Canner

•21-1/2-quart pressure cooker/canner holds 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars
•Made of durable, hand-cast aluminum with attractive satin finish
•Exclusive “metal-to-metal” sealing system for a steam-tight seal; no gaskets
•Geared steam gauge, automatic overpressure release; settings of 5 psi, 10 psi, and 15 psi
•15-3/8 inches high with 12-1/4-inch inside diameter; made in USA

I am all for MADE IN THE USA!

A note: Personally I would not cook food in an aluminum pot but for canning I do not have a problem. I do have a “pressure cooker” that I also love.

Like my new Excalibur Dehydrator and my All American Sun Oven … I LOVE THIS THING!

I have so far used this to can 10 lbs. of sirloin steak and 20 lbs. of boneless skinless chicken thighs.

Will follow up with those canning sessions later.

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